Friday, February 29, 2008

Moving on up!

Since today was the last day of the month and since Madeline will be 3 months old on Monday and since she's getting so big, we decided last night was her last in her bassinet. Hopefully she sleeps as well in her crib! We decided to introduce her to the crib while she was still awake. She loved looking at her mobile. Maybe it'll be easier to get her to sleep now!

Hanging Out

Madeline has gotten so much more active this month. She enjoys hanging out in her boppy and she finds her hands fascinating. We love all the expressions that she makes!

Just because it's cute!

We thought Madeline was just so adorable in this sweater that we made sure to get lots of pictures!

Happy Valentine's Day

Madeline had a great first Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's to all our loved ones! Thanks for all the love and support.


We all went to Julie and Richards to watch the Superbowl. Madeline and Shelby sat around watching tv and hanging out. They're going to be great friends!

2 months old!

Madeline turned two months old on February 3rd. She went to the doctor and boy is she growing like a weed! 10 pounds even... almost twice her birth weight.

Happy Baby!

Madeline started purposely smiling at the end of January. We love seeing her smile and giggle. There is nothing like her looking straight at me and smiling. I can't wait until Spring Break when I get to spend a whole week watching her smile!

Red hair... really?

We are still not sure about Madeline's hair. Blonde, strawberry blonde, red? Here it looks red... but there are so many times it looks golden blonde. Not that it matters in the least. We just never thought we'd have anything but a blonde baby! It'll be interesting to see what her final hair color looks like.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

She's getting so big!

Madeline is getting so big! We got her a new outfit so we just had to take pictures before we went out.

Madeline's First Christmas

The bib says it all!
Madeline with her Grandpa and her new bunny

Madeline was a hit at her first Christmas!